I always speak of his talent but my mom grew up with him so naturally told it better. My dad was introverted and wise while able to tell you anything you would want to know on history and more, but a goofball and a ham as well. I loved when he would know I was watching him as he was combing his hair he’d stop and say slowly, calmly “Pretty, aren’t I?”, we laughed together every single time.

Having a music addiction my entire life, my dad was only person in my history that taught me anything about music, he could pick up any instrument while sitting at a piano and play each one beautifully. A certified hit song he whipped up would be in your birthday card along with a cartoon story of yourself.
I always loved his company and he taught me 2 things in life that rattled a difference to this day.

If I had a problem my dad’s 1950’s cool cat advice, to “stand tall and talk back” usually prompted me to ask when mom would be home from work. I understood his dry humor nevertheless, all due to having a consistent, soft spoken man that was proud to be who he was while around me in childhood he always respected women in the old school gentlemanly way and romanced my mom daily. So I don’t let men talk down to me. I know how a gentleman will (should) behave, due to my dad.

Dad wouldn’t let me mow grass and that’s not easy for a tomboy that begged to, but my favorite chore was when he was a hoist operator all day to come home to ask, “Dondu this ole man is gonna take a catnap before I go play music. I need you to write down the lyrics to these songs”. I lived for it, I was honored to not only enjoy doing that for my dad but for that little girl it was a genuine burst of excitement in which blew inside of me with the dream of being a music producer someday, and that my cool dad would play the songs I prepared in a mere few hours!

I made it. I was a music producer in my young mind. Music was my daily work my entire life. In childhood, along with my music teacher, my dad was the only person that encouraged my desire to follow music as a career. When I did Elvis impersonator shows my ducktail was perfectly convincing, thanks to my ‘The Original Mr Cool’ dad. When I wanted to hear my lyrics in the instrumental format he never hesitated to sit down at the piano with me. I’m also honored to say it may be true what my mom always said about me, “She’s me from the neck up but Donovan from the neck down”, with age I notice they are within my demeanor daily. I naturally walk like him which is a cool strut for a man but not so cool for a woman when ya can’t change it. As former people in their life have cried seeing me due to resembling my mom so much, what they don’t realize my personality is more like my dad than anyone. I will always be grateful to him for many things, one being performing in his band, teaching me why Dolly Parton’s voice was more advanced than Pasty Cline’s, studying my favorite subject with him, meeting country acts signed with music labels. For example I will never forget meeting Johnny Lee (Urban Cowboy soundtrack) as he towered over me and his song was number 1 that year. My dad enhanced my obsession with music and I will never forget a second of it. You could probably pick up my excitement as I built up speaking of music.
I eat, sleep, create and breathe music, while being blessed to have had such a talent not only want to hear, see the songs I wrote, most of all be a part of making me and helping in raising me to be a part of the memorable HD. One more impressive thing I must mention as my dad was on my mind a great deal recently. My dad is also the only person in my life that didn’t cuss, at all, not even ‘damn’. I’m not kidding, not even WHAT THE HELL .. no cussing whatsoever. My mom could speak like a sailor but loved how my dad always affiliated curse words to ones intellect. She was proud of that thinking of his. These little blogs pale in comparison with descriptions of Linda and Donovan.

Stand back honkycat 💖🎼

Best grandparents in the world…

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I am the product of lifelong assorted novels in the works. Amateur music producer with official background. Long time freelance writer and ghost writer. Working to tell the truths and tales to the abuse and survival of cancer, Lyme disease, misdiagnoses, adolescent marriage, narcissistic abuse, and the humor that accompanies such a diverse list.
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